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Get your kit off, John Watson. *cues striptease music*

Those red polkadot suspenders slay me.

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I really wish I could see the moment John’s fist hit the Chief Superintendent’s nose.


I wish that last gif just said “Guuuuuuurl!” I can’t be the only one who sees that sass.

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Downloading Johnlock for my 20-hour train ride to LeakyCon tomorrow.

Recs? Preferably on AO3?

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I have a fever. A cold-sweat, chills, body/headache kind of fever.

Someone send me a Dr. John H. Watson, stat.

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Fic: A Delicate Situation - Mycroft/John - NC-17

A Delicate Situation

Mycroft / John - NC-17

Warnings: Omegaverse

When John gets a call from Mycroft asking him to come help with a medical issue, this was the last thing John expected to find.

"So you want me to help you get home?" 

"No, John, I’d like you to come in."

John’s fingers were turning the knob before he could even think about it.

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I Believe in Sherlock Holmes wristbands. $4.

Also: Giveaway. I was going through these and a bunch of them have very slight defects (Example: One has a slight yellow spot on the inside of it next to “Moriarty was real”). I’m going to give those away because, well, I want to.

So here’s how to enter:

  • Reblog this as often as you want between now and February 13th.
  • Or like it. However you feel at that particular moment.

Wow, that was easy. If you don’t want to enter or just think you don’t have a shot, you can just buy one.

I’ll see how many I have that are funky (at the moment, at least 11) (and really, they’re not that funky. I’m just a perfectionist) and pick people using a random number generator on Valentine’s Day (because who doesn’t need a little extra love?).

A portion of each wristband sale will be donated by me to The Harry Potter Alliance, because hey, this is about fandoms doing good in the world, and that’s entirely what they’re based on. If you have no idea what that charity is, go forth and learn, my friends.

I really really really want a lot of people to wear these and then I want to find someone and be like “OMG WE MATCH” because I’m that kind of nerd.

Edit: It’s starting to look like I may run out of these. I’ve got the mildly defective ones set aside for the giveaway, but the ones that are selling are going like hot cakes. If I do sell out, I’ll get more and continue taking orders (I’ll note it on the page if it happens), but it’ll be two weeks before those orders would ship.

For now, though, I still have some and they will be shipped out this week. Order here.

EDIT 2.0: As expected, I ran out. I still have 11 to give away on Valentine’s Day and I am presently addressing and stuffing envelopes from current orders. I’ve changed the listing to reflect this—it is now listed as a preorder with a ship date of February 23rd for all orders placed from here on out. So sorry if this is inconvenient; I didn’t realize they would be so popular or I would’ve had a larger batch to start out with. 

They can still be ordered here, but please bear in mind that they will not ship until February 23rd unless my schedule suddenly has some serious free time. Which it likely won’t. So February 23rd.

Thanks for the love! Don’t stop believing.

Edit 3.0: I have five left for the February 23rd order. Once they’re gone, we move to a March 1st pre-order (Thursdays are my day off from work and, thus, my post office day). I’ll change the title on the listing when this happens, but that’s the next step here!

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Four Little Words - Mycroft/John - T

Four Little Words

Sequel to Two Words, Ten Letters.

So much fluff, man. So much fluff. Had to combat the angst in the first part.

“No child of mine will want to be within a hundred yards of a mud puddle.”

“Then this will be interesting, because no child of mine will be able to resist.”

mpreg! keep scrolling if it squicks you

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